Betigolo Referrals Program

Get rewarded by referring friends!

  • Share your affiliate link account
  • Introduce new users to Betigolo
  • Receive commission up to 100€ for referred members

The Betigolo Refer to a friend program allows you to receive a commission from Betigolo for referring new members to use Betigolo's services.

Below are the Terms and Conditions, applicable to the Betigolo Referral Program. Please read them carefully. By referring a friend to this program, you will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1. Eligibility Criteria
1.1. In order to participate in the Betigolo Referral Program, you must:
   1.1.1 Have an active Betigolo account with at least 1 login the last 6 months.
1.2 - An affiliate can have only 1 reference.
1.3 - References can not be edited.
1.4 - All current Betigolo's users can add a reference.
1.3 - References can not change.
1.6 - You can find your referral link under Profile/Account menu.

2. Referred Members
2.1 For the Betigolo Referral Program, a "Referred Member" means any Member:
   2.1.1 you refer to Betigolo using the referral link shown in your Betigolo Account (the "Referral Link"); and
   2.1.2 who successfully completes an Eligible criteria
2.2 The first login using the referral link will be the one to define the reference
2.3 Current users can update the reference using their referral link to make the login.

3 Prohibited activities
3.1 Loop references are not allowed (example: A refers B, B refers C and C refers A)
3.2 Reference himself is not allowed( example: A refers A).
3.3 Commercial purpose and transactions are not allowed.
3.4 Fake users are not allowed
3.5 Fraudulent activities are not allowed
3.6 Post/Share "Referral Link" in Betigolo official channels is not allowed.

4 Commission
4.1 In consideration for each Referred Member you introduce, as confirmed by Betigolo in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, Betigolo will grant a commission according to:
         • 20€ - First Premium pack acquisition.
         • 30€ - First Silver pack acquisition.
         • 50€ - First Gold pack acquisition.
   4.1.1 Fist pack acquisition is the first-ever pack acquired. Members with a pack used in the past are not eligible.
   4.1.2 - Max commission for each referral is 100€
4.2 Payments
   4.2.1 - Payments can used to acquire new Betigolo Service at anytime.
   4.2.2 - Payments sending money (Skrill, Neteller, MBway) are performed every Monday.

5 Changes to Terms and Conditions
5.1. Betigolo reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time including the right to withdraw the Program completely.

6 Termination
6.1 - Betigolo reserves the right to end the Betigolo Referral Program at any time in its sole.
6.2 - If Betigolo terminates your participation section 6.1 of these Terms and Conditions, Betigolo will stop paying Commission to you immediately upon termination.

7 Dispute Process
7.1 - Betigolo reserves the right to close a dispute at any time in its sole.

8 Expiration
8.1 - This is a release initiative, and will finish on December 31st 2020,
8.2 - This release initiative can be closed calling 6.1 or 7.1 sections.